Valency Agro Pvt. Ltd.

Our Retail Presence

With a mission to rule the Indian Consumers Market, we have a deep presence in manufacturing, processing, and retail. Currently, our Cashew Processing Plant is located in Udupi-Karnataka and Ahemdabad-Gujrat's long-term processing arrangement with various cashew processing facilitates in Mangalore and Udupi. Our sales and distribution network is across India with offices in Delhi, Kolkata, and Tuticorin and exclusive dealerships in Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Delhi allowing us to have the right reach across various states of the country.

We are widely present in wholesale markets across the country along with B2B partnerships with E-Commerce platforms like Udaan and institutional sales to hypermarkets and brands like Haldiram's, More Retail, Om Sweets, Amul Union, Spencer’s (RPG Group) and own retail sales which give us the opportunity of complete participation over the supply chain pipeline and allow us to achieve the higher benchmark of excellent service and distribution to our customers.