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Edible Nuts

Nuts are a versatile culinary component that is high in fiber and can be used to make everything from vegan cheese to alternative milk. They're also a terrific snack on their own.

What is a Nut?

A nut is a dry fruit with a single edible seed enclosed by a strong outer shell that does not split open when mature to release the seed. Chestnuts, hazelnuts, and pine nuts are examples of botanical nuts (real nuts). Almonds and pecans, for example, are technically drupes, which are fruits with an edible seed covered in a shell and fleshy fruit surrounding it. The peanut, one of the most renowned nuts, is a legume, like peas and lentils, and does not belong to the nut family.

7 Kinds of Edible Nuts

Culinary nuts are edible seeds with a hard shell and a high fatty acid content.

  • Almonds:- Almonds are a common tree nut that is also one of the most adaptable culinary nuts. Few Indian cuisines benefit from the flavor of these rectangular, dark-brown tree nuts. Almond flour, almond oil, and almond milk are just a few of the items made from almonds.
  • Brazil Nuts:- Brazil nut trees are Amazonian natives that can only be found in natural, unspoiled places. Brazil nuts are high in antioxidants, as well as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, and can be eaten raw or roasted.
  • Cashews:- Cashews are sumac family members that produce a red fruit called a cashew apple from which the cashew nut protrudes. Cashews are a nutritious snack that may also be used to make cashew milk.
  • Peanuts:- The majority of culinary nut kinds are drupe seeds that can be eaten (fruits with a single seed, such as peaches). Peanuts, on the other hand, are pea-family legumes. Peanut butter and oil are made from raw or roasted peanuts.
  • Pecans:- Pecans are a delicious, buttery-flavored edible tree nut. Pecans have a green outer husk that turns brown as nuts age and grow on a species of a hickory tree. Pecans have a high-fat content, almost as much as butter, making them an excellent complement to delicacies such as pecan pie.
  • Pistachios:- Pistachios have a vivid green nut that is protected by a beige shell. Pistachios are often used in Middle Eastern pastries such as baklava and halva.
  • Walnuts:- Whole walnuts start green and turn pale yellow as they mature. Growers gather fully developed walnuts from the ground when they fall off the walnut tree. Walnuts are fantastic for baking because of their buttery texture and mild flavor, and a little handful makes a great snack.