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We Will Open The Doors To A Healthier And More Abundant Nation.
Valency Agro is a food ingredient company that is striving to build a healthier nation. Since the acquisition by Valency in 2018 Valency Agro had shown tremendous growth and capability in supplying key healthy products such as cashew kernels, soyabean, chickpeas, etc, and has the plan to indulge in supplying key agricultural products such as crop protection, seed, and fertilizer and making contributions in improving agricultural productivity and safe food supply.

We endeavor to create value and well-being - with opportunities for growth and development, and we consciously and consistently share this value with all our stakeholders, especially the end consumers. We will concentrate on developing the best products and solutions filled with differentiated customer value. Leap forward to become a globally integrated food ingredient company that goes beyond the borders of India and competes in the global arena. We have remained committed to our vision to grow the intrinsic value of our long-term shareholders sustainably and responsibly while fulfilling our consumers' needs through innovative product offerings. We invest not just in factories and products, but in our people too. From employment creation especially women empowerment which gives us our strongest asset, to a partnership with our societies, communities, farmers, and many others, we strongly believe that only through unity do we get results. With innovation in the process and system, we will continue to meet and exceed our consumers’ & shareholders' expectations through our numerous offerings and brands. We are thrilled to see our vision getting shape with each passing day and are sure that the coming years are going to be more enriching toward our aim to build Healthier Nation.

Thank you and continually hope to receive your generous support.
Yours sincerely,

Chief Executive Officer
Valency International Pte Ltd.

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