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Agrochemicals are agricultural chemicals that include fertilizers, plant-protection chemicals or insecticides, and plant-growth hormones. It may also include synthetic fertilizers, hormones, and other chemical growth agents (including all kinds of pesticides insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and nematicides.) These are generally used to manage pests, phytopathogens and improve the production of crops.

Given below are a few benefits of Agrochemicals:
  • Higher crop yields.
  • Increased soil fertility.
  • Improved food grain production.
  • Vector-borne diseases control.
  • Insect/pest management
  • Reduced losses from weeds.

We are also one of the largest dealers of agrochemicals in India. Having direct tie-ups with industry giants, providers, and producers. As a worldwide dealer of agrochemicals, we ensure an excellent customer experience, and competitive pricing, and maintain flexibility to meet most of the customer’s needs.
We are known to provide agrochemicals in bulk. Clients can also request special orders packed and delivered as per their demands, while still following our quality standards and providing the best services possible.